• Parabola  6:2 -   The Dream of Progress


Parabola 6:2

The Dream of Progress

, ISBN Pb 6:2 / 978Pb 6:2, Parabola

"What is Man?" by Kathleen Raine - Educating the "unnatural" man

"Earth People" by David Price - The Nambiquara of Brazil balance between life and death

"The Crab Feast" by David Malouf - A poem

"Chinua Achebe: At the Crossroads" by Jonathan Cott - An interview with the Nigerian writer

"Elephantiasis" by Dino Buzzati - Our expanding universe. A story

"Progress and Evolution: A Reappraisal from the Traditional Perspective" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Looking back from the twentieth century

"Towards a New Perspective: Human Life as Earth’s Voice" by David Leeming - Our ecological age

"Earthly Cities" by Paolo Soleri - Reverence constructs the future

"In Search of Lost Christianity" by John Loudon - An interview with Jacob Needleman

"Ravensgate: The Other Face of the Pt. Concepcion Controversy" by Scott Eastham - Power plants threaten a sacred gate

Tangents - Reviews
"Notes from Oberammergau" by Frederick Franck - Christ’s Passion in the twentieth century
"Templo Mayor Rising" by Susan Bergholz - News from Mexico City

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"The Origin of the Bone Game" / Skokomish
"Solomon and the Vulture" / Turkish
"Out of the Whirlwind" / Biblical
"Navajo Emergence Story" / Navajo


Parabola 6:2 - The Dream of Progress

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