• Parabola  7:4 -   Holy War


Parabola 7:4

Holy War

, ISBN Pb 7:4 / 978Pb 7:4, Parabola

"The Strife of the Spirit" by Adin Steinsaltz - Beyond peace of mind

"Holy War" by René Daumal - Drawing the lines of battle

"The Spiritual Significance of Jihad" by Seyyed Hossein Nasr - The Islamic concept of inner and outer striving

"The War for Peace" by Norris Merchant - The traditional expectation of redemption for mankind

"The Lake" by Jonathan Cott - A poem

"Leda’s Lament" by P.L. Travers - Reflections on a life

ARCS: "Fiery Light" - Fueling the vital spark

"The Battle for Person in the Heart" by James and Myfanwy Moran - Spiritual warfare in Eastern Orthodox Christianity

"Become What You Are: an interview with Brother David Steindl Rast" - Principles of monastic life

"War in Heaven" by Paul Jordan-Smith - The mythic roots of conflict

Tangents - Reviews
"Kurosawa’s Warriors" by Ruth McCormick - Film and the samurai code
"Notes on the Cosmic Nanny" by Jonathan Cott - The latest adventures of Mary Poppins
"The Vision of Gandhi" by Gautam Dasgupta - Philip Glass’s Satyagraha

Epicycles - Traditional stories from around the world
"Beowulf" / British
"Monkey" / Chinese
"How Evil Began" / Lakota


Parabola 7:4 - Holy War

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