Robert Stein

Love, Sex, and Marriage

382 pages, ISBN 1-882670-20-5 / 978-1-882670-20-8, Spring Publications

"The focus on the incestuous parent-child relationship by Freud. Jung and their followers is because so much of the pathology they observed had its origins in the damaged parent-child relationship. With the historical deterioration of the sacred bond of marriage and the loss of connection to the incest mystery. I believe that parents have tended to project their soul-mate image onto their children," so wrote Robert Stein. This collection of his essays explores love, sex, and marriage in unique ways that tries to move the perennial stone of relationship. Stein’s views end up challenging ego therapy, Jungian conservatism, Freudian reactionism, and most psychoanalytical methods that shy away from an instinctual sense of soul and eros: definitely writings before their time and yet to be discovered by a new generation and age.

Stein, Robert

Love, Sex, and Marriage

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